Chocolate fountain

Pop corn machines

Fresh orange juice

Ice cream

Candy floss machines

Bouncy castles

Star Cloth, used for dividing or draping

The list goes on………………………………….

Platinum Suite Capacity Is 350 Guests, this Is For Conferences Only.

From a drinks reception to a live human walkway, we have it covered. The New Bingley Hall is a market leader in providing bespoke services; we work closely with several companies to provide you the customer with the right ingredients for the day, may that be, chocolate fountain, to private limousines, just talk to us and we will have it done.

As always The New Bingley Hall is dedicated to you, our sales staff will make sure all items ordered will be done on time, making sure they are delivered on the occasion. Further details of what we can offer can be obtained by emailing our team, please refer to the enquiry page.